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Cobham AES

The Ask: Cobham AES is a historically B2B sales-oriented company, but now wants to be noticed by the general public for their significant contribution to the future of space travel.
The Answer:  Survive beyond limits, just like Cobham’s microchips, humans are products of resilience. Through communication and discovery, we push the definition of survival every day. This allows us to redefine our limits and, not only survive in new environments but excel in them.

brand film

Out of home

Blast Off with Train.jpg
Blast Off RGB.jpg
Orbiting Mockup.jpg
Orbiting RGB.jpg
Solar Flare Mockup.jpg
Solar Flare RGB.jpg
*Space heater built into the ad inviting foot traffic to stay warm in the winter months.
Mars Colony Mockup.jpg
Mars Colony RGB.jpg
Cobham AES Space Walls
Stunning space walls immerse audiences into the world of space travel in the form of a photo op, where they’re presented with a visual opportunity to #SurviveBeyondLimits.
SpaceWall Mockup.jpg


Social Media Posts copy.jpg
My roles 
Art Direction
William Marsh | Copywriter
Matt Kastritis | Graphic Designer
and a 14 person film production team.
Type Of Work 

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