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Capital one

The Ask: Launch a new student credit card and integrated media campaign designed to help college students build credit history for their future. 
Target Audience:  College students that are 20-23 years old and are largely responsible, independent-minded, smart and confident. 
unique topics of behavioural and purchasing patterns.
various sources. 
students surveyed.
interviews and financial literacy testing.
We found that generation Z's ultimate financial fear is accumulating debt.





So we created... 
Link+ is a unified financial experience that links credit to your checking account and pays off debt as soon as it's created.

Integrated media campaign

brand film

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  • Instagram


We will host an IG live event series called The Link Up, with featured guests and a parent.
In the on-screen example, Yara Shahidi is joined by her mom. Resonating with not only our target Gen Z, but their parents as well. 


A trend where Tik Tok celebrities travel back in time to visit their past selves, promoting a credit oriented-future in a comedic and relevant way for the platform.
This is an example of how various influencers could personally respond to the #FutureYou travelling back in time to give present them unsolicited guidance.
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What advice would you give to your younger self?#Futureyou


Link Twitter Thread.png


A less traditional way to engage with our youthful consumers is through Co-Star.

The app breaks down life through categories, informing you which you have power, pressure and trouble in.


A missing topic is finance, which will be sponsored by Capital One. Your present self needs to be educated for your future universe.

My roles 
Art Director
Product Manager
Team of 14
Type Of Work 

Seamlessly build good credit.


Your future self will thank you.

Key Message
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